Introduction to APIs – Part 1

Alexandra MartinezBlog

Introduction to APIs – Part 1 By Alexandra Martinez Have you heard the term API before, but feel like you can’t fully describe what it means? Does it seem like … Read More

Four MuleSoft DataWeave Idiosyncrasies

Brittany LahureBlog

Four MuleSoft DataWeave Idiosyncrasies By Adam Lounsbury As MuleSoft developers know, DataWeave is a powerful expression language for manipulating and transforming a variety of data types. However, just like any … Read More

Digital transformation: Ground zero

Lee HumeniukBlog

Digital transformation: Ground zero By Lee Humeniuk The topic of digital transformation is important for any business to understand what it takes to survive in today’s digital economy, but more … Read More

The low-code balance

Aaron EmmertBlog

The low-code balance By Aaron Emmert My previous posts, Agile Methodology: Part one and Part two, explained the benefit of using Appian with the Agile methodology. This week we’ll define … Read More