Capital Square Partners Invests in Bits In Glass: Unlocking Potential Together

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Bits In Glass (BIG). Capital Square Partners (CSP), a Singapore-based private equity firm renowned for its global impact, has made a substantial investment in BIG. This marks a strategic partnership that will drive accelerated growth and foster innovation. BIG, a global boutique firm … Read more

2023 World Credit Union Conference Recap

Exterior shot of Credit Union building

The Bits in Glass Financial Services team is back from the 2023 World Credit Union Conference that recently took place in Vancouver. The conference brought together industry leaders, experts and innovators eager to explore the latest trends, technologies, best practices, strategies and solutions.  Our presence at the event focused on showcasing our solutions that address … Read more

PegaWorld iNspire 2023

PegaWorld Blog Background

Last week Pega brought together customers, partners, prospects, and media in Las Vegas for PegaWorld iNspire 2023.  This was BIG’s first year attending the conference and it was one to remember! The BIG team kicked off the event by attending the Partner All Hands Reception and on day two our team enjoyed listening to the … Read more

Transforming the SFR Industry: Discover the Appian Advantage with MIMO

IMN Blog Background

Recently the BIG and Appian teams sponsored and attended the 11th Annual IMN SFR East Forum in Miami, FL.  The conference brought together key market participants in the Single Family Rental space – including REITs, Funds, Aggregators, Fix and Flippers, Note Buyers, and Investors. During the event, we had the opportunity to showcase our Move … Read more

Appian World: The Future of Low-Code and AI

Last week the team at Bits In Glass had the pleasure of attending Appian World 2023 in San Diego. Appian World brought together professionals from various industries to explore the latest developments and innovations in end-to-end process automation. The party started early as we invited our clients on the BIG Boat Cruise!  We sailed into the sunset … Read more

The top 5 IT trends dominating healthcare

The top 5 IT trends dominating healthcare By Ryan VanDePutte From wearables and 3D printing of bones and vessels, to artificial intelligent assistants and digital diagnoses, healthcare technology is constantly advancing and evolving. Let’s take a look at the top five IT trends healthcare organizations are facing: 1. Telehealth While telehealth — the distribution of … Read more

How banks are using machine learning

How banks are using machine learning By Josh Painter Among the ways financial institutions are revolutionizing the way business is done, machine learning has stepped out as a leading technology for banks looking to transform both front and back-office operations. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to … Read more

The biggest upcoming trends in fintech

The biggest upcoming trends in fintech By Neer Lazar Financial technology, otherwise known as fintech, is innovation that can either help or compete with traditional methods of delivering financial services. As an emerging industry, fintech includes new applications, processes, or products based in technological solutions. According to a recent report, the global fintech market was … Read more

Common problems when implementing RPA automation

Common problems when implementing RPA automation By Josh Painter This blog is the third in a series on how to make Blue Prism robotic process automation (RPA) software effective for business transformation. Check out part 1 on about how to select the best processes for RPA intelligent automation here and part 2 on the Robotic … Read more

Important considerations before hiring digital workers

Important considerations before hiring digital workers By Josh Painter If you’re planning on using robotic process automation (RPA) to bring transformational change to your company, your first step is to pick the processes within your business that will be effectively automated with the help of a digital workforce. Then, there’s a lot of checklist items … Read more

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