Top 5 considerations before hiring RPA digital workers

Blue Prism

Considering RPA? Check out our on-demand webinar to learn: How RPA digital workers can improve your back-office efficiencies How to set yourself up for a successful RPA implementation  How to effectively analyze and document your current processes  What questions to ask to ensure you get the best ROI You might also be interested in AI … Read more

Transforming digital banking

Leverage integration and focus on your customers How can small and medium banks keep up with large competitors and meet customer demand? Technology is the answer. Specifically, system integration. DURING THIS WEBINAR YOU WILL LEARN: The advantages and challenges of small and medium-sized banks How system integration can solve the challenges and streamline operations The … Read more

Accelerate project outcomes with a hybrid approach

One size does not fit all Find out how you can blend methods for the best delivery experience for your project teams. Organizations usually select a project methodology based on their previous successes without considering the specific requirements of each project. Hybrid delivery approaches unlock your organization’s potential and accelerate project outcomes. You might also … Read more

Implementing omnichannel solutions with API-led architecture

Are you harnessing the full power of omnichannel? Businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies see a 91% higher year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t. Check out our on-demand webinar to learn: How an omnichannel approach can create a better customer experience How you can increase your number of re-useable assets for faster delivery … Read more

Digital transformation: The cutting-edge private equity deal

Streamline deal execution and reporting How is automation helping private equity firms transform the deal lifecycle for deal completion, reporting, and compliance? Attend this webinar to learn how automation helps private equity firms: Digitally transform the deal life cycle for deal completion, reporting, and compliance Streamline collaboration and communication between business units and multiple technology … Read more

4 ways RPA can improve your customer relationships

Leverage RPA: improve your customer service Robotic process automation (RPA) can transform your customer service offering. Join us for a discussion on how digital workers are helping financial institutions free up employees, ease regulatory compliance, elevate innovation, and more. DURING THIS WEBINAR YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO: Define the benefits of RPA in financial services Discover … Read more

Digital transformation strategies for customer retention

Digital transformation is changing customer expectations Technology can improve efficiencies to get more new customers and elevate relationships with your current customers. Join us for a discussion on how digital transformation is helping insurance companies turn around quotes faster, better serve long-term customer needs, and much more. THIS WEBINAR WILL HELP YOU: Identify how technology … Read more

KYC: How digital transformation is taking it to the next level

DX + KYC Are your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes becoming a burden to your employees and customers? You’re not alone! Join us for a discussion on how technology can improve KYC processes to help you better protect your business, serve your customers, and gain a competitive edge. THIS WEBINAR WILL HELP YOU: Understand evolving … Read more

Fraud prevention + automation

How did Payoneer revolutionize business? By automating its anti-money laundering process, Payoneer — a global fintech company — reduced the time it takes to complete a suspicious activity investigation by 40%! Miriam Ner-Gaon, Global Risk Investigations Manager with Payoneer, joins us for a conversation on their automation journey and the results it’s had on the … Read more

BIG Talk: Financial services trends

What does the future of digital banking look like?       We sat down with Joe Wong, a technology expert in financial services, to talk about fintech trends, with a focus on banking. Check out the conversation to learn: How banks leveraged digital transformation to quickly adapt to COVID-19 How 5G, Cloud adoption, and … Read more

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