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  • The combined power of integration + RPA

    The combined power of integration + RPA

    Eliminate silos, enable interoperability, and build a hyperautomated enterprise Businesses entering the next level of digital transformation are looking for ways to solve more use cases and business problems while driving down costs and increasing efficiencies. One way leading companies are achieving these goals is by combining system integration and robotic process automation (RPA). While […]

  • The modern customer experience

    The modern customer experience

    Customers no longer distinguish between online and offline experiences To rise to the top in customer experience and improve their digital journey, you need to create personalized touchpoints that resonate across all your digital channels. This is called an omnichannel approach. Customers change channels to find information, make purchases, and solve problems. Brands need to […]

  • Top tech trends in financial services & insurance

    Top tech trends in financial services & insurance

    The future of financial services is already here. Are you ready to meet increasing expectations? The past few years have forced this industry to finally embrace digital transformation. The days of relying on in-person customer service are gone, with consumers expecting industry leaders to evolve with the digital age. The digital wave is only growing […]

  • Top tech trends in healthcare

    Top tech trends in healthcare

    The future of healthcare is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Don’t get left behind. The healthcare industry is currently experiencing one of its greatest shifts in recent history. Partly due to the acceleration of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and partly because patients are expecting health providers to adopt technology to tackle changing trends and demands. […]

  • The new patient experience

    The new patient experience

    Patients are looking to their providers for more accessible, consistent, and modern healthcare options The healthcare industry has seen a major shift over the past few years, with providers modernizing and digitizing operations to meet changing regulations and patient needs. Patients want to be able to access and influence their own health information in a […]

  • The C-suite introduction to business intelligence

    The C-suite introduction to business intelligence

    Business intelligence turns your data into an actionable strategy Companies are keepers of endless amounts of data. Take a moment to think about your customer profiles, for example. If your company collects and maintains large amounts of data, have you thought about what you can do with it? It can be easy to lose sight […]

  • AI for supply chain management

    AI for supply chain management

    Supply chain managers must balance quantity and quality to deliver a customer-centric experience Traditional supply chain management focused only on production and provision. Modern supply chain management incorporates the needs of the customers as part of the equation. Building collaborations and partnerships is recognized as a crucial component of modern supply chain management. And offering […]

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