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Embark on a Journey of Digital Transformation​

Reinsurers have an incentive to make life easier and faster for their brokers. 

By its very nature, insurance is a field dedicated to the measurement and application of risk. Yet, it’s also an industry that relies heavily on outdated systems, manual processes, and data entry, which are not only inherently risky but extremely time-consuming.

You need answers and proper explanations for decisions and you need them fast. If a request comes in, responsiveness is what will set you apart. Cutting-edge software solutions can streamline and enhance operations by automating critical processes, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

The Future of Reinsurance

Insurance companies are inundated with requests for quotes, claim submissions, policy adjustments, and customer service questions on a daily basis. And many continue to rely on multiple systems and applications for different aspects of these operations.

We help insurance companies dramatically improve operations by modernizing legacy systems, connecting various insurance platforms, and automating key processes to increase the rate at which reinsurers can respond to incoming cases from brokers.

Leverage Our Robust Digital Reinsurer Platform Designed For:

Minimize data challenges and get to market faster with reliable, precise data.
Work efficiently

Minimize time and costs with data automation.

Consolidate data

All your data in one digital platform.

Get better insights

Track resource allocation effortlessly.

Accurate reinsurance pricing

Optimize pricing for profitablilty.

Streamline data management, connect with counterparties and ensure client satisfaction.
Collaborate with counterparties

Connect with underwriters and collaborate with cedents.

Streamline data management

Consolidate all placements to view statuses in a single workflow.

Optimize client satisfaction

Find the right reinsurers for your clients.

Save time

Quickly and efficiently validate cedent data with automation tools.

Connect with brokers, access shared deals and receive better data.
Get better data

Effectively showcase client’s data to identify the right reinsurer.

Connect & collaborate with brokers

Validate cedent data and access placements in one place.

Access shared deals

View deal status and documentation before binding risks.

Our Approach

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Custom-Built Software Solutions for Seamless Automation & Integration


We analyze risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and make strategic choices to develop applications that lead to sustainable value creation.


We combine strategy, process, and action into an agile program that enables scale, reduces complexity, and continuously optimizes the process ecosystem.


We maintain and enhance specialized applications.

Navigating Reinsurance Software Solutions

As the reinsurance landscape experiences significant changes, the BIG guide to future-proofing your business is your roadmap to staying ahead. In this guide, we’ll lay the foundation to ensure that your business is not just prepared for the future, but actively shaping it. From process automation and API-led connectivity to AI and machine learning, discover strategies and insights to empower your business to thrive in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Digitally Transforming Critical Processes

Transform your reinsurance process with a blueprint for digital transformation in reinsurance. Combine a deep understanding of industry complexities, technological innovation and seamless integration.

Claims Management

Digitize a first notice of loss process to enable customers to instantly upload photos and evidence in real-time, accelerating claims processing and reducing overhead.


Leverage technology to integrate all your insurance systems and seamlessly connect and share data to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the underwriting process.

Data Integration & Analysis

Seamlessly merge diverse data sources and gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, optimize risk management, and enhance overall operational performance.

Portfolio Management & Optimization

Analyze vast amounts of data quickly to make more informed decisions about portfolio composition, risk assessment, and investment strategies.

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Incorporate technological advancements into compliance and reporting that meets regulatory requirements, enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes the risk of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Our Technology Partners

We work with these industry-leading platforms and determine the best combination of complementary technologies to deliver the results our clients demand.

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