BIG Application Management Services

Sustain the performance and enhance the value of applications built on Appian, Mulesoft, and Pega

We help you manage your applications’ transformational promises.

Application Management Services (AMS) are an essential component of modern IT operations and help ensure that software applications are reliable, efficient, and meet the needs of the business.  BIG AMS are specifically designed to support clients who invested in Appian, MuleSoft, or Pega as critical components of their transformational strategies.

With BIG AMS, you get a dedicated team of experts who manage and maintain your applications so you can focus on core business activities.

Why Choose BIG AMS

We’ve built our reputation on designing, building, and managing high-performance automation programs. We know what it takes to not only develop, but also sustain the performance and enhance the value of applications built on Appian, Mulesoft, and Pega. With BIG AMS you get access to deep, specialized, technical expertise in automation and integration. 

Enable Strategic Focus

Our team of experts manages and maintains your applications so your IT staff can focus on core activities.

Improve Stability and Performance

Our deep application experts optimize your applications including regular maintenance, upgrades, and patches.

Reduce Costs

Using application management is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring and training internal staff.

Scalability and Flexibility

Services can be scaled as needed to meet your changing demands.

Enhance Security and Compliance

We provide regular security assessments, vulnerability scanning, and compliance monitoring.

Improve Customer Experience

Applications that run quickly and smoothly enhance your customer’s experience.

What BIG AMS Offers

BIG offers 3 flexible support levels that deliver the results you want. Contact us to learn more.

Support window16 X 5 (5 pm-9 am excl. holidays)16 X 5 (5 pm-9 am excl. holidays)24 X 7 X 365
Incident caseload (tickets and levels)25 tickets (Sev1 and Sev2)Unlimited (all Sev levels)Unlimited (all Sev levels)
Service management process and platform (JIRA)JIRA includedJIRA with option to integrate client’s incumbent systemsJIRA or client’s incumbent systems
Production environment break-fixes and resolution of incidentsService Level Objectives (SLO)Service Level Objectives (SLO)Service Level Objectives (SLO)
Sev1 - Full System Outage
4 hrs1 hr1 hr
Sev2 - Key Functionality Impaired, No Workaround
24 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
Sev3 - Moderate Impact with Workaround
-8 hrs8 hrs
Sev4 - Minor Impact
-24 hrs24 hrs
Sev5 - Information or Documentation Request
-24 hrs24 hrs
Dedicated Service Manager
Direct access to a customer success manager for discussions around service quality.
Priority Access-Prioritized queueDedicated queue
Perform Root Cause Analysis
Reporting on incidents and resolutionsWeekly via documentationWeekly via documentation and videoconferenceWeekly via documentation, video- conference, and monthly touch- points on enhancement status
Proactive monitoring and health checks-
Maintain and update the knowledge base
Knowledge transfer for new applications
Coordinate upgrade and hotfix windows with the software vendors--
Monitor Source and Target System Outage Windows--
Enhance existing integration applications-40 hrs/mo40 hrs/mo
Architectural advisory--Annual architectural review and ideas for continuous improvement
Provide Release notes
Quality assurance of defects and break-fixesAgile QA methods to validate fixesAgile QA methods to validate fixesAgile QA methods to validate fixes including UAT support
QA & Test Automation
Automate tests to save time on regression testing and manual quality assurance.
Focused attention to enhance existing applications.
Advisory for technology best practices and overall adoption of the platform.
New Application / Integration development
Any project that requires more than 40 hours of development effort with a full SDLC.
Phone-based support
Direct access to a support analyst who can help customers with a problem on-demand.
Tier 1 helpdesk process
Enhanced multi-tiered support experience through a dedicated helpline for the customer’s end-users.

Accelerate delivery and adoption of enterprise technology.

Our BIG Program helps you unlock an automation strategy to address the challenges most organizations face when rolling out platform technologies. We can help you bring out the best capabilities, reliability, and scale automation has to offer.


We help you articulate your future-state vision, analyze risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and make strategic choices that lead to sustainable value creation.


We combine strategy, process and actions into an Agile plan that provides frequent, targeted deliverables in support of large scale initiatives (LSI).


We maintain and enhance the applications in production and ensure continuous user feedback to Design and Build teams.

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