We design, build, and manage automation programs.

Award-winning, global business process automation consulting that helps you unlock the potential of your people, processes, and data

Automation is reshaping industries and transforming work.​

A myriad of advanced technologies, cognitive capabilities, systems, and infrastructure are converging. Organizations want solutions that enable these vital operational components to work together, scale, and produce competitive advantage.

That’s where BIG exceeds.

Our Technology Partners

We work with these industry-leading platforms and determine the best combination of complementary technologies to deliver the results our clients demand.

Accelerate delivery and adoption of enterprise technology.

Our BIG Program accelerates delivery and adoption of Appian, MuleSoft, and Pega by addressing the challenges most organizations face when rolling out platform technologies. Our approach helps you bring out the best capabilities, reliability, and scale automation has to offer.


We help you articulate your future-state vision, analyze risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and make strategic choices that lead to sustainable value creation.


We combine strategy, process and actions into an Agile plan that provides frequent, targeted deliverables in support of large scale initiatives (LSI).


We maintain and enhance the applications in production and ensure continuous user feedback to Design and Build teams.

The industries we know best:

Financial Services



Real Estate


“Bits In Glass has been a critical partner in our Appian development journey. Everyone we’ve worked with has been exceptional and takes our long-term success seriously.”

– Melanie Emmel, Senior Director, TPG

Our Services

As a 15-year Appian partner and 10-year MuleSoft partner, we’ve built our reputation on designing, building, and managing high-performance programs that bring out the best of automation and integration platform technologies.


We streamline and automate business processes, tasks, and workflows across a unified workforce.


We integrate different systems and applications to allow them to communicate, share data, and operate seamlessly as a unified whole.

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