So you want to make it BIG?

Our BIG experts are invested
in your success.


What's the BIG difference?

EXPERIENCE: We’ve got a global team with experience in enterprises to Fortune 500 companies across both the public and private sector.

EXPERTISE: We’re industry subject matter experts and certified by our technology partners.

EXECUTION: We’re not just technology implementers, we’re strategic business partners.

ENTHUSIASM: We take on each project with the same dedication as if we’re building it for ourselves.


What's the BIG idea?

At Bits In Glass, we value TLC. But to us, it means something different.

T = team & trust
L = learning & leadership
C = customer focus

Team & trust means we’re stronger together. We trust each other, we listen, we ask for help when we need it, and we’re agile.

Learning & leadership means we work to be better at what we do. We lead by example, we learn from our mistakes, and we prioritize growth.

Customer focus means we always strive to deliver the most innovative solutions. We listen to make sure we get you the results you need.

Best of all, we get it done. And we leave ego at the door.

Meet the BIGGIES

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Our leaders

Partner, VP Sales and Marketing

Lee Mainman

Besides managing most of our client accounts, Lee enjoys time with his kids, traveling, and the great outdoors with his two dogs.

Partner, VP Finance

David Hauser

When David isn’t leading our Appian practice, he enjoys spending time with his children, and mountain biking around Edmonton.

Partner, VP Technology

Patrick Golec

Pat leads our MuleSoft practice. When he’s away from the office he’s enjoying time with his family and dog.

Director, sales

Tim Hale

Tim works with our sales teams and partners to grow revenue.   Outside the office, he enjoys exploring Colorado with his family.  
Director, Finance

Scott Howley

Scott is responsible for overseeing the finance function and compliance activities at BIG. Outside of work, he enjoys wine and running in the great Canadian outdoors.

Director, Human resources

Pamela Hampel

Pamela leads a team of HR professionals that share her passion for technology and culture. During her time off, she’s enjoying time with her family. 

VP, Professional Services

Scott Heather

Scott currently runs our consulting operations in the US and spends his remaining time coaching his kids’ soccer teams.

Director, Operations

Marjo Dallaire

Marjo oversees the operational programs, systems, and services for the BIG team. When Marjo’s not in the office, she’s on an adventure with her partner and their dogs.

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