ABOUT Bits In Glass

Agile capabilities. Exceptional results.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their strategic goals through leveraging technology.

We’ve been around since 2002 and are experts at what we do. We successfully solve critical and complex business challenges by simplifying the way clients run their business and our track record speaks for itself. More importantly, we believe in the work we do and are passionate about helping our clients.

Bits In Glass is a new breed of IT company. The experience of our principals and senior team is complemented by junior associates. We combine experience and innovation to bring forth the vision you have for your company in new and amazing ways.

BIG employees are held to a higher standard and our commitment to internal development is proof of that. Our experienced practice ensures you are in the capable hands of knowledgeable experts, while our pure Agile Delivery capabilities get you results faster and on-budget.

Our culture requires us to be agile and flexible when working with our clients. We believe in utilizing the best, leading-edge solutions that are available rather than reinventing the wheel. We then add a strong software development team to the mix for the customization that is required to ensure a good fit for each one of your business goals.