BIG Talk: Digital transformation in private equity

How can technology revolutionize portfolio onboarding, deal lifecycles, and more? We sat down with Richard Hulit, Industry Lead for Financial Services with Appian, to talk about digital transformation for private equity firms. With a focus on Capital Markets and Institutional Asset Classes, Richard shares his expert insights on leveraging technology to streamline common operational processes. … Read more

BIG Talk: Financial services trends

What does the future of digital banking look like? We sat down with Joe Wong, a technology expert in financial services, to talk about fintech trends, with a focus on banking. Check out the conversation to learn: How banks leveraged digital transformation to quickly adapt to COVID-19 How 5G, Cloud adoption, and online banking will … Read more

Improving the fight against fraud with digital transformation

Improving the fight against fraud with digital transformation By Jon Deiulis As my colleague, Neer Lazar, talked about in one of his previous posts, The biggest upcoming trends in fintech, advances in technology within the financial services industry are constantly evolving. From incorporating AI and chatbots to offer more personalized services to mobile payment services … Read more

Streamlined missionary enrollment

Use case: Streamlined missionary enrollment Goal A non-profit mutual benefit administrator offering health and financial benefits and other welfare plans to participating employers, including thousands of religious missionaries needed a modern application to enroll and evaluate the benefits and coverage of senior citizen missionaries. Challenges Legacy application had minimal tracking and reporting which caused enrollment processing … Read more

Reduced funding delivery time by 25%

Providing faster funding and cost savings with automation A corporation within the federal government providing financial support to national film projects needed to automate its highly manual processes for managing funding applications and programs. Funding applications required collaboration between multiple departments and teams, which was difficult as the corporation’s in-house systems were disconnected and siloed, … Read more

Enabled faster and more consistent project delivery

Eliminating project delivery headaches with integration A gas and electric utilities division of a corporation that works closely with landowners, manages agreements for the use of their land for energy infrastructure. The company needed to improve how it stores, accesses, and reports on project information. The company had a document management system in place for … Read more

Accelerated insurance quoting from 48 hours to 10 mins

Automating liability quoting process with API-led integration An insurance company specializing in property and casualty specialty insurance needed to modernize its general liability quoting process to respond to more requests, and turn them around faster. The company receives approximately 8,000 requests for policy quotes each month. Employees were manually compiling quotes, which would take up … Read more

Fraud prevention + automation

How did Payoneer revolutionize business? By automating its anti-money laundering process, Payoneer — a global fintech company — reduced the time it takes to complete a suspicious activity investigation by 40%! Miriam Ner-Gaon, Global Risk Investigations Manager with Payoneer, joins us for a conversation on their automation journey and the results it’s had on the … Read more

Enabled $100 million in annual cost savings

Modernizing passenger service with API-led integration A major domestic and international airline was striving to be recognized as an international airline of choice for travelers around the world. To do so, it needed to upgrade its 40+ year old Passenger Service System (PSS) to keep up with the modern traveler. The airline’s legacy system lacked … Read more

Transforming digital banking

Leverage integration and focus on your customers How can small and medium banks keep up with large competitors and meet customer demand? Technology is the answer. Specifically, system integration. DURING THIS WEBINAR YOU WILL LEARN: The advantages and challenges of small and medium-sized banks How system integration can solve the challenges and streamline operations The … Read more

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