A guide to public sector digital transformation

Do your current workflows and systems produce more headaches than results?  For public sector agencies, stakeholder collaboration, citizen engagement, and compliance backlogs aren’t going anywhere. Quite the opposite in fact. Modern technology means citizens and stakeholders are more dialed in than ever and expect their state and local organizations to be more mobile and accessible, … Read more

Introduction to API security

API security is a strategy in itself, but only if you’re executing it correctly  APIs have been around for decades, but they’re being used now more than ever before. Every mobile app, cloud-based service, and business application relies on dozens of APIs. Reliance is so great that according to recent research, API calls represent 83% … Read more

The strategic guide to RPA ROI

Discover essential business use cases primed for automation More than half of all enterprises have begun their RPA journey, and are realizing impressive results. Over 90% of CEOs agree that RPA meets or exceeds expectations, producing cost savings between 40-75%. RPA streamlines workflows to make your organization more flexible, profitable, and responsive. Employees and customers … Read more

The C-suite guide to digital transformation

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation Across every industry, C-level executives are focusing on innovation and technology to improve the efficiency and performance of their businesses. Now more than ever, they need to develop strategies that make their organizations relevant, memorable, and competitive in an era where digital business … Read more

Digital transformation strategies for customer retention

Digital transformation is changing customer expectations Technology can improve efficiencies to get more new customers and elevate relationships with your current customers. Join us for a discussion on how digital transformation is helping insurance companies turn around quotes faster, better serve long-term customer needs, and much more. THIS WEBINAR WILL HELP YOU: Identify how technology … Read more

The new patient experience

Patients are looking to their providers for more accessible, consistent, and modern healthcare options The healthcare industry has seen a major shift over the past few years, with providers modernizing and digitizing operations to meet changing regulations and patient needs. Patients want to be able to access and influence their own health information in a … Read more

Top tech trends in healthcare

The future of healthcare is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Don’t get left behind. The healthcare industry is currently experiencing one of its greatest shifts in recent history. Partly due to the acceleration of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and partly because patients are expecting health providers to adopt technology to tackle changing trends and demands. … Read more

The modern customer experience

Customers no longer distinguish between online and offline experiences To rise to the top in customer experience and improve their digital journey, you need to create personalized touchpoints that resonate across all your digital channels. This is called an omnichannel approach. Customers change channels to find information, make purchases, and solve problems. Brands need to … Read more

HIMSS 2022: BIG Wrap-up

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Take your healthcare digital transformation to the next level. Download your free copy of The New Patient Experience Today.  Click here FEATURED SOLUTIONS Prior Authorization Review (PAR) Respond to requests Prior Authorization Review (PAR) is a digital solution for receiving, evaluating, and responding to requests for healthcare services outside the scope of primary … Read more

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