Modernized passenger service

Use case: Modernized passenger service Goal A major domestic and international airline serving hundreds of airports across six continents around the world needed to modernize operations with a new Passenger Service System (PSS) to grow its brand to be recognized as an international airline of choice. Challenges The outdated PSS cost a lot of time … Read more

Faster utility project delivery

Use case: Faster utility project delivery Goal A gas and electric utilities division of a corporation that produces, markets, and delivers vital electricity, coal, oil, and natural gas to customers needed to implement a land management system and integrate it with the company’s document management system. Challenges No digital connection between projects and associated documents, … Read more

Exposing department data

Use case: Exposing department data Goal The Department of Transportation within the State of Colorado exists to ensure a safe and efficient highway system by building and maintaining interstates, U.S. highways, and state highways. The State was looking to expose transportation data to relevant internal and external stakeholders. Challenges Siloed data management made cross-functional reporting … Read more

Streamlined missionary enrollment

Use case: Streamlined missionary enrollment Goal A non-profit mutual benefit administrator offering health and financial benefits and other welfare plans to participating employers, including thousands of religious missionaries needed a modern application to enroll and evaluate the benefits and coverage of senior citizen missionaries. Challenges Legacy application had minimal tracking and reporting which caused enrollment processing … Read more

Accelerated prior authorizations

Accelerated prior authorizations

Use case: Accelerated prior authorizations Goal A large American health insurer offering a wide range of health and life insurance benefits and services was looking to modernize its prior authorization review process (evaluating requests from members for medical services outside their coverage) to accelerate turnaround times and reduce costs. Challenges Member response time delayed from … Read more

Clinical trial management

Use case: Clinical trial management Goal A large American healthcare company that provides health services and plans for more than 10 million members needed to digitally transform how they monitor and manage their clinical trials conducted in hundreds of locations and sites across the United States. Challenges Unable to capture accurate trial data for essential … Read more

Harmonized database & consolidated apps

Use case: Harmonized database & consolidated apps Goal A department of the federal government responsible for ensuring that high-quality health services are accessible to Canadians needed to consolidate several departmental databases and modernize two essential applications in order to leverage the database. Challenges Two siloed applications for nutrition and recipes were not communicating causing data … Read more

Automated insurance quoting

Use case: Automated insurance quoting Goal A specialty insurance company, specializing in property and casualty insurance needed to modernize its general liability quoting process to respond to more requests, turn them around faster, and secure more customers. Challenges Unable to respond to the volume of quotes received due to highly manual nature of process Quoting … Read more

Automated government funding

Use case: Automated government funding Goal A corporation within the federal government providing financial support to national film projects needed to modernize its process for funding applications to accelerate funding cycles, provide cost savings, and improve user experiences. Challenges In-house systems were highly manual, complex, and expensive to maintain Departments and teams were disconnected and … Read more

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