The future of B2B automation is here

Evolve your EDI messaging, automate B2B communications, and maximize trading partner relationships with a cloud-native platform.


We use PortX to provide a solution for companies looking to improve the onboarding and management of trading partners through streamlined B2B automation. 

Self-service management

Enable all stakeholders to have equal insight into the business relationship, from IT and line-of-business analysts to your trading partners.

Built-in compliance

Provides industry-standard protocols to simplify connectivity for contractual obligations, communication, and administration.

Cloud or on-prem deployment

An enterprise-ready integration platform bundling the capabilities of an integration manager and API management platform.

Clear the path to digital transformation for your B2B integrations.

Better B2B collaboration

The PortX platform addresses the entire trading partner process, from onboarding and implementation to managing operations and ongoing communication, dramatically improving operational efficiencies.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, line-of-business analysts can maintain and configure partner integrations. 

PortX believes B2B integrations shouldn’t live on a backroom server, but rather leverage a cloud-native solution for secure and stable partner communication.

Why B2B integration?


Simplified end-to-end transactions

Leverage reusable templates in an easy-to-use visual platform for improved partner payment processing.

Improved order tracking

Understand the status and details of your partner orders with seamless, user-centric navigation.

Visual partner performance

Gain insights into your partner integration performance and order flows through dynamic visuals.

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