The holistic API security solution

Protect your APIs from data leakage, authorization issues, abuse, misuse, misconfigurations, and data corruption with no agents and no network modifications.

Noname Security

The Noname API Security Platform is the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security solution that helps enterprises discover, analyze, remediate, and test all legacy and modern APIs.

Accurate and actionable prevention

Analyze APIs and user behavior to detect vulnerabilities and prevent breaches.

Seamless integration with your workflows

No agents and no network modifications. Full integration with your on-premise and cloud environments.

Unparalleled discovery and classification

Truly understand your API inventory and get insights on your APIs, users, data, and third party interactions.

Eliminate API blind spots

The Noname API Security Platform allows enterprises to see and secure their managed and unmanaged APIs, helping eliminate security blind spots.

Its mission is to enable companies to leverage APIs safely and securely and help them realize the benefits, efficiencies, and productivity of APIs.

Noname Security provides an agentless security platform that provides companies with an entire view of activities and any possible threats in their environments. It integrates with existing IT infrastructure to give businesses visibility, security, and control over any API.

Why API security?


Easily manage changes

See how your APIs change before your users do to find and correct flaws as soon as they are created.

Discover misconfigurations

Find configuration flaws, shadow IT, and rogue APIs before they’re abused and become a risk.

Get detailed API specifications

View and export up to date OpenAPI specifications of your API inventory.

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