Press release: Bits In Glass Wins MedTech Breakthrough Award

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Bits In Glass Wins MedTech Breakthrough Award

Denver, Colorado – May 19, 2020 – Bits In Glass, an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, is proud to announce that it has been selected as a winner in the fourth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards.

Bits In Glass has taken home the “Best Clinical eFile Solution” award for Manage My Care, its smart healthcare application built on Appian. With separate provider and patient portals, Manage My Care streamlines patient-provider relationships and communications and offers more transparency. By allowing patients to submit their own health information and concerns, it provides care teams with real-time insights, reducing the need for as many in-person appointments and improving long-term symptom management and diagnoses.

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards program completes a deep evaluation of the landscape of the digital health and medical technology industry each year, with the goal of selecting the  “breakthrough” companies and solutions of the year. Over 3,750 nominations were submitted from around the world, and other winners from the year include Peloton, WebMD, Medtronic, Oscar Health, Zebra Technologies, Nike, and more.

“Bits In Glass is thrilled to be named as a winner of the MedTech Breakthrough Awards. Healthcare is a big focus for our team, and particularly our Appian practice,” says David Hauser, Bits In Glass Partner and Appian Lead. “In 2019, another one of our healthcare applications was named as Appian’s Accelerator of the year, so we’re excited to continue this momentum.”

“Manage My Care provides instant insights to care providers, which supports a much more proactive model for healthcare. Based on the rules that the patient, their doctor, or their care team have configured, follow-up appointments can be booked instantly when needed,” added Hauser. “With medical resources being stretched during the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach enables healthcare providers to do more with less.”

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