Manage My Care Application

Patients are demanding more transparency and control of their patient information and increasingly want to be able to access this information directly. Bits In Glass’ Manage My Care (MMC) application provides a patient portal that leverages emerging norms around self-service that enhance user experience and enable better communication between patients and care providers.

With Manage My Care, patients and care teams have better insight into and access with instant reminders, event notifications, and alerts that support a proactive approach to requesting information from patients as needed. It helps healthcare organizations improve patient care by implementing individualized health care for all their patients, providing better alignment to their overall treatment plan.

Patient Portal

  • Submit quantitative information like blood pressure, weight, pulse, fluid intake and outtake, and any other qualitative measures
  • Capture qualitative information like long-term health plans, life goals, and symptom assessment for indicators such as anxiety, energy, and pain
  • Review previously submitted information for long-term review and lifestyle planning
  • Raise concerns for care provider review immediately or during the next meeting about any piece of submitted information

Provider Portal

  • View all submitted patient information including a comparative visualization against population data (ie: comparing an individual’s results against other patients)
  • View patient-specific event history to highlight new events for a specific patient or for all patients assigned to any given facility

Check out the 2 page overview on Manage My Care here.

Watch the Manage My Care webinar on demand here.