Press release: Bits In Glass Launches COVID-19 Remote Care Application

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Bits In Glass Launches COVID-19 Remote Care Application

HIPAA compliant, with mobile-enabled patient and provider portals for symptom assessment, test results, automated follow-up, and quarantine management

Denver, Colorado – April 16, 2020 – Bits In Glass, an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, is announcing the launch of its new COVID-19 Remote Care application, developed in response to the global COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. 

The application is HIPAA compliant and helps healthcare providers filter, manage, and monitor patients. It provides COVID-19 test tracking and result notifications, automatic follow-up steps and forms, quarantined patient management, and in-app communication with patients. 

It’s estimated that only half of all countries have the requisite health workforce required to deliver quality healthcare services; the U.S. is forecasted to be 105,000 doctors short by 2030. With these individuals on the front line of the pandemic, their health is also at risk, which can further exacerbate this shortage. 

Healthcare workers are stretched to the limit, and our COVID-19 Remote Care application is designed to help reduce that burden while enabling efficient and effective patient care,” says David Hauser, Bits In Glass Partner. “This means enabling care providers to reduce call center pressure, protect staff exposure, and limit testing and resources to those who need it most.”

The total number of cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. reached 213,144 on April 2, with the first case being reported less than three months prior on January 20. 

The healthcare provider portal offers:

  • Direct messaging with patients
  • A work queue for remote monitoring of patients
  • Lab system interface for logging test results with automated follow-up tasks
  • Reports on operations and population metrics

The patient portal offers:

  • A mobile-friendly symptom assessment form
  • In-app communication with their care provider
  • Access to records, test results, and educational materials
  • Easy to understand steps and notifications for the quarantine period

COVID-19 Remote Care also acts as a central portal for health information and supports wearable IoT device integration to allow patients to take physiological readings from home and have the data automatically synced to the application.

The patient interface is mobile-friendly, making it easy for patients to take a symptom assessment, send messages to their provider, access helpful resources, and manage their quarantine and follow-up if they test positive from any device.

Learn more about Bits In Glass’ COVID-19 Remote Care application here.

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