COVID-19 Remote Care Application

Our COVID-19 Remote Care application helps healthcare providers filter, manage, and monitor patients during a healthcare pandemic. The provider interface includes test tracking, result notifications, automatic follow-up steps and forms, quarantined patient management, and message alerts. The mobile-friendly patient interface allows individuals to easily take a symptom assessment, send messages to their provider, and manage their quarantine and follow-up if they test positive. COVID-19 Remote Care connects providers and patients for streamlined care.


  • Limit staff exposure to potential risks ‹
  • Reduce workload for call center staff
  • Monitor and communicate from one central system ‹
  • Enable real-time data with wearable compatibility ‹
  • Restrict use of critical hospital resources ‹
  • Limit testing to those who need it most ‹
  • HIPAA compliant


Provider Portal:

  • Allows for direct messaging with patients ‹
  • Includes a work queue for remotely monitoring and managing patients who have tested positive ‹
  • Provides lab system interface for logging test results ‹
  • Creates automatic follow-up tasks for patients and providers ‹
  • Reports on quantitative operations and population metrics

Patient Portal:

  • Includes mobile-friendly symptom assessment form with pre-built logic for testing requirements ‹
  • Allows for in-app messaging with care provider ‹
  • Ability to access and view patient record, test results, educational materials, and next steps in care‹
  • Provides steps and notifications for the quarantine period

Check out the overview on our COVID-19 Remote Care Application here.