Event-driven messaging

with Solace

For real-time enterprises

Event-driven messaging using an event-mesh allows you to stream events from across your organization and IoT assets to the applications and services that need them, regardless of what language they’re written in and where they’re located.

Solace provides a comprehensive way to create, document, discover, and stream events from where they’re produced to where they need to be consumed — securely, reliably, quickly, and guaranteed.

A Solace-enabled event-mesh is self-routing, self-learning, and self-healing — enabling the automated and efficient transmission of events between producer and consumer applications, wherever they’re run.

Bits In Glass and Solace

With Solace, you have the ability to support event-driven architectures of any size in a governed, performant, robust, secure, well-architected manner. You can also integrate legacy applications, data stores, modern microservices, SaaS, IoT, and mobile devices dynamically and in real-time.

In partnering with Solace, we bring 15+ years of digital transformation experience helping companies unlock their potential to transform, outpace the competition, drive rapid growth, and deliver superior customer value.

Our Solace consultancy ensures you’re in the hands of knowledgable experts, while our pure Agile delivery method gets you the results you need.

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