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Streamline trading partner onboarding and management

Most businesses rely on partners, and PortX by ModusBox provides a value-priced solution for companies looking to improve the onboarding and management of their trading partners and increase operational efficiencies with B2B automation. 

The platform addresses the entire trading partner process, from onboarding and implementation to managing operations and ongoing communication.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, PortX makes it possible for line-of-business analysts to maintain and configure partner integrations.

Bits In Glass and PortX

PortX has built-in compatibility for industry standard protocols to simplify connectivity with trading partners for contractual obligations, communication, and administration. 

Plus, the platform also offers self-service options for multiple users — from IT and line-of-business analysts to trading partners themselves — enabling all stakeholders to have equal insight into the business relationship.

PortX believes B2B integrations shouldn’t live on a backroom server, but rather leverage a cloud-native solution for secure and stable partner communication.

In partnering with PortX, we bring 15+ years of experience specializing in automation and integration, completing hundreds of complex projects across all major industries.

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