Prior Authorization Review

Prior Authorization Review

Save millions of dollars per year, improve patient response times from days to minutes, and improve overall patient care and outcomes.




Healthcare payers receive referral requests from members and providers for authorization of medical services outside the scope of what’s provided by their primary care provider. Payers then have to assess the appropriateness of the requested service using business rules and decision logic.

Using multiple, disconnected systems to work through this prior authorization process is extremely time-consuming, causing delays in patient response times when their health is on the line.

Additionally, using manual human review and decision-making results in costly errors from approving unnecessary and expensive services.

Prior Authorization Review (PAR)


Prior Authorization Review, built on the Appian platform, is a digital solution for receiving, evaluating, and responding to requests for healthcare services.

Create and manage custom business rules and logic for evaluating and approving service requests, automating the decision-making process.  

Removing the manual, human aspect of reviewing requests dramatically reduces turnaround time and eliminates risky and unnecessary approval errors.

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