Blog: BIG’s Manage My Care Accelerator | Opening Communication Between Patients and Providers

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BIG’s Manage My Care Accelerator | Opening Communication Between Patients and Providers

by Jin Pheh, Bits In Glass

As healthcare services evolve, the need for more interaction with patients continues to grow. Combined with the proliferation of mobile apps and the public’s willingness to use, expect, and even prefer methods of on-the-go communication. The healthcare community now finds itself with a serious capability gap to fill. In short, healthcare providers want to talk to their patients more often and patients have grown accustomed to using apps for everything. This is a problem because apps can be hard to build and even harder to maintain. In today’s era of privacy breaches and data leaks, the healthcare industry has some serious problems to overcome before an app can be deployed and trusted by the public. While large health providers can afford the resources to build an app that meets the increasingly complex industry standards, smaller organizations are scrambling to keep up with the technology curve.

BIG’s Manage My Care Accelerator app is our solution to solve this expanding problem while being flexible enough to be used by a variety of organizations. Though initially targeted at chronic care patients, those we feel would particularly benefit from such an app, the MMC app has grown significantly over time and now provides a meaningful launching off point for any organization looking for such a solution. In particular, we identified several key problems that an app would have to solve, and several more to take it from adequate to desirable.

  • Android, iOS and browser access – If it doesn’t work equally with all of them, it might as work with none of them
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data collection – Because “How are you sleeping” can be just as important as “What is your blood pressure” depending on the use case
  • Delegation of Authority – Even as an app, older patients may not be willing or able to use the app which means someone may have to work the app on their behalf
  • A provider centric interface – When your staff perform their regular outpatient visits bringing an iPad or tablet will provide a lot more functionality than a pad and paper
  • A personalized rule engine – While global rules around alerts are nice, patient-specific rules make a lot more sense and have a lot more value
  • Integration with EMR’s via HL7 – Because if the data isn’t in your EMR is may as well not exist
  • HIPPA compliance – To ensure good governance and data integrity

While all of the points listed above sound great, the most important remains unlisted: flexibility. From the how the MMC portal looks to what buttons are available and what questions are asked (and everything in between), the MMC app allows flexibility for any organizations’ needs. The reality is that any patient/provider portal is going to evolve drastically as new services are brought forward whether that be acute outpatient care, home visitation, or chronic patient management. BIG’s MMC app was built ground up as a framework meant to be customized and extended for this exact reason. I feel strongly that any solution an organization wants to put in place must have this “feature” above all others.

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