Home Health Manager Application

Today’s home health organizations are constantly challenged with effectively managing their daily operations while providing high-quality care. From scheduling complexities to limited visibility into appointment status, routing, and nurse safety, home health organizations need an easy-to-use system that provides operational oversight and control while keeping the focus on high-quality patient experiences.

BIG’s Home Health Manager application provides real-time schedule management and home health visit management capabilities. The application is easily configurable and can be expanded to accommodate patient and care team scheduling along with any home health services provided to your patients. It provides the transparency and traceability necessary for supporting high-quality care for home health patients.

Potential Benefits:

  • Easily match the right nurse to the right patient at the right time:
  • Enables supervisors to build, monitor, and control appointment schedules and routing based on nurse certification levels, appointment type, and current nurse availability.
  • Eliminate manual spreadsheets:
  • Efficiently monitor and maintain any given schedule on any given day from one central location. Supervisors have a real-time overview of the locations and schedules of all nurses in and off the field.
  • Improve and support patient and nurse safety:
  • Notifications that allow on-site nurses to alert their supervisor of domestic or clinical emergencies and/or safety incidents. Site photos can be uploaded and used to provide real-time critical information on site and stored with the case for later evaluation and documentation.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Support for nurse appointment scheduling with suggested times based on nurse availability, appointment type, and nurse certification level
  • Generates appointment route details using Google Maps
  • Provides supervisors with a dashboard to monitor and manage all appointments for all nurses
  • Notification management of emergencies and safety alerts
  • Captures clinical and social observations with photo upload while conducting appointments
  • Records and displays historical patient vitals
  • Adjust schedules as needed with appointment reassignment capabilities

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