Digital Transformation Results in Millions of Netback for Global E&P Company

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The Challenge

Standing up an oil well, and getting it successfully operational is a lengthy and complicated process. Effective management of the asset lifecycle requires efficient coordination of a great deal of data across multiple business units, including a heavy emphasis on regulatory compliance. Decommissioning poses challenges such as deciding upon which wells are most profitable to fix, sus­pend, or retire, and timely management of the abandonment and land reclamation processes.

A major global oil and gas producer had many cumbersome manual and paper processes that were slowing down efforts to streamline operations, and the company was losing ground with some of its main competitors. The company determined that it required an immediate overhaul of its processes and a tighter alignment with an increasingly complex and stringent regulatory and compliance framework.

The Solution

The client embarked on a digital transformation process. Appian was chosen as the platform for change, and Bits In Glass was selected to provide IT integration and consulting services to:

  • Shorten cycle times, lower costs throughout the lifecycle, and introduce flexibility across the entire landscape of processes.
  • Eliminate complexity, inefficiencies, streamline workflows and processes, reduce human error, and provide continuous improvement across all processes where possible.
  • Integrate with the client’s GIS system for timely and accurate geolocation of wells, improve reporting to enable the company to make better decisions concerning repairs, re-drilling, enhancing, or decommissioning wells.
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“Appian helped turn my business unit from a cost center to a revenue center. Not only was there a 200% return on investment, we were able to meet very aggressive timelines and still deliver more business functions than originally identified in the projects. The team that Bits In Glass put together for us has been exceptional. We work very closely with them, and they are always responsive, competent, knowledgeable and ready to bend over backwards to help. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the experience of working with BIG and Appian has been.”

– Lead, Business Optimization, Global Energy Producer

The Results

Immediate successes were realized in the request to drill phases, followed by improvements in every phase of the lifecycle.

  • Better process management led to increased production quickly realizing $22 million of netback new revenue.
  • The ability to proactively meet the regulatory requirements during phases was significantly improved.
  •  Cycle times were reduced from an average of 192 days to 50 days leading to faster time to production and increased capacity to drill more wells.
  • Eliminated 800K lines of code leading to operational efficiencies and a more low-code environment.
  • The company was able to move to a case management model with better processes and workflows.
  • Projects were completed in as little as a few weeks and with a minimum of consulting resources (typically 5 or less).

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