Bits In Glass partners with Noname Security, protecting APIs and eliminating security blind spots 

Bits In Glass partners with Noname Security, protecting APIs and eliminating security blind spots


Denver, CO – July 19, 2021 Bits In Glass, a software consulting firm helping companies digitally transform their operations, is proud to announce a new partnership with Noname Security, a leading API security solution allowing enterprises to discover, analyze, remediate, and test APIs, helping eliminate security blind spots.

Noname Security creates the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform. Noname finds and inventories all APIs, detects attacks, suspicious behavior, and misconfigurations using AI-based behavioral analysis; prevents attacks and integrates with existing remediation and security infrastructure; and actively validates APIs before deployment.

Unlike other API security solutions, Noname runs completely out-of-band and doesn’t require any agents or network modifications. Within minutes, you can have complete visibility into all internal, external, and third party APIs. Only Noname Security can find all shadow APIs and API misconfigurations before the bad guys do.

“It’s important for businesses to truly understand their API inventory and get insights on the APIs, users, data, and third party interactions.” says Patrick Golec, Founding Partner and Integration Practice Lead for Bits In Glass. “We’re excited to extend our integration offerings with Noname Security, helping our customers realize the benefits, efficiencies, and productivity improvements of safe and secure APIs.”

Enterprise applications and services are only as secure as the APIs that power them. However, most enterprises don’t have a standardized way to inventory, monitor, and secure APIs. The growing complexity of APIs cripples deployment velocity and APIs are quickly becoming the most frequent cyber security attack vector.

“Noname Security’s mission is to eliminate the threat of API vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and cyber attacks without creating additional complexity or operational friction,” says Oz Golan, CEO of Noname Security. “Partnering with Bits In Glass accelerates our ability to achieve this mission across the enterprise.”

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