Article: Wearables could transform insurance from reactive to proactive

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Wearables could transform insurance from reactive to proactive

By Ryan VanDePutte, Bits In Glass

Insurance policies have existed for thousands of years and were initially invented to protect goods being shipped long distances. Today, the options available to us have expanded tremendously, and it’s even possible for soccer players like David Beckam to insure their legs.

Despite this, the business of insurance and how it’s managed hasn’t evolved as rapidly. And this is understandable, as it’s a highly regulated industry, so reliability and dependability are hugely important.

Consumers today demand customized and real-time service with everything, from food and entertainment to clothing. Cookie-cutter health or life insurance feels incredibly outdated when compared to so many other made-to-order services available today.


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As an Associate Director, Ryan is responsible for managing and executing the full delivery and implementation of custom Appian solutions for Bits In Glass’ clients. He has nearly a decade of experience providing project and portfolio management as well as strategic guidance and advisory services for some of the nation’s largest healthcare companies. When he’s not hard at work, Ryan enjoys golfing, working out, grilling, and spending time outdoors with his wife and two boys.