Revolutionize your IT service management
to improve employee experiences and accelerate response times.




Businesses of all sizes are involved in IT service management (ITSM) in some way. Some use spreadsheets and old legacy systems, and others use large, expensive platforms. Neither are effective.

Legacy systems often take on more than they were originally meant for; being built with limited flexibility, causing poor user experiences and performance.

And large service request platforms are usually extremely expensive to set-up, customize, and maintain. Again, delaying operations and frustrating employees.


ServiceQue, built on Appian’s low-code platform, is a scalable solution for IT service ticket management, at a much lower price point.

With the ability for business users to easily create, configure, and manage custom ticket types and workflows, ServiceQue is a one-stop-shop for service ticketing.

Plus, its dashboards and reports provide insights to find issues and reduce unnecessary spending.

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