A Beginners Guide to Blue Prism RPA: How to Automate the Right Processes

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A Beginners Guide to Blue Prism RPA: How to Automate the Right Processes

By Josh Painter, Bits In Glass

When you go to work, have you ever thought about the tasks that you or your co-workers are working on daily and ask yourself – there has got to be a better way? The fact is, humans have a lot more to offer and we shouldn’t be stuck with doing dull, boring work. The good news is that modern technology offers us the opportunity to help us focus on judgment and empathy oriented skills instead of mundane tasks. RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) can execute tasks much like an employee including downloading data, interacting with systems, emailing information and saving files. These tasks can be scheduled anytime and are usually completed within a matter of seconds to minutes depending on availability of data, the tasks can even be completed before employees show up for work!

Companies are choosing RPA to automate processes to help them redirect employees to more valuable non-repetitive work, and thus save costs by reducing the need to hire new employees. Also, the process can provide an automatic auditable trail of the work completed in a log which is useful for compliance or audit. Blue Prism is one RPA solution also provides a platform for digital transformation as it can get a company started on implementing new technologies and process improvement across the organization.

How to create a shift in a business culture

RPA is not just a tool that will help to automate work tasks, it is also a huge part of a digital transformation for business. Embracing new technology helps shift employee productivity to more value-based tasks. One of the reasons Blue Prism is a leading solution in RPA is that it also brings to the table a tried-and-tested framework for RPA adoption, governance, and delivery known as the Robotic Operating Model (ROM) that provides the framework for digital change for the business.

One of the most important steps when beginning any project at scale starts with determining the correct tasks to automate in a business. Identifying the right processes to automate is a critical first step in setting up RPA and getting the most bang for your buck. This is your opportunity to realize quick ROI and demonstrate the efficiency of RPA to stakeholders, while also evangelizing a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

Determining first processes for Blue Prism Automation

The first task that needs to be thought about for automation is a project that will provide a significant return on investment to the business unit, however, it is easy to fall into the trap of picking the biggest process to automate first. This approach may take much too long to implement, ROI may not be as quick and your team is likely to get embroiled in process complexity, all while attempting to understand the power of the Blue Prism platform.

We suggest that you automate processes that someone in your back-office does on a regular basis from data and that is repeated daily or weekly. The initial process that you choose for automation will be the gateway for other projects that lead your company toward technological transformation. For this reason it important to pick an initial process that will kick off your digital transformation journey on the right path!

Want to learn more about how to automate the right processes? Watch our webinar “Automating the Right Processes with Blue Prism and Bits In Glass” as we walk you through how to identify the best business process, and how to set up the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model to properly manage RPA methodology to maximize ROI. Watch it on demand.


About the Author 

Growing up in Colorado, Josh enjoys spending his free time in the mountains and traveling to new locations with his family. He has always been involved with reviewing business processes during his career and notes how fulfilling it is to be able to help automate these business processes to make work easier.

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Not all work is the same. Automating repetitive, boring and low-skill tasks for white-collar workers frees them to do the higher value tasks their skills are best suited for. Utilizing bots builds efficiencies, lowers costs and enables you to scale capacity by automating individual or group processes that are inhibiting your human workforce from reaching their full potential, and your company from achieving accelerated growth.

Whether you need help identifying processes that are ripe for automation, getting your robotic process automation programs up and running, or you want to take your Blue Prism implementation further, Bits In Glass (BIG) can help your business do better. Our Blue Prism consultancy ensures you are in the hands of certified knowledgeable experts, while our pure Agile Delivery capabilities get you the results you need faster.

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