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Webinar: “Unlock the power of RPA with Blue Prism’s ROM”

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Webinar: “Unlock the power of RPA with Blue Prism’s ROM”

Join Vishal Vaidya and Josh Painter, Bits In Glass’ in-house Blue Prism experts, as they discuss how your organization can unlock the power robotic processing automation (RPA) with Blue Prism’s ROM. RPA allows your operational costs to decrease will freeing up your staff for better, more complex work.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach creating a scaleable RPA strategy
  • How to establish a seamless flow of work between the human and digital workforce in a secure environment
  • The importance of creating a successful CoE
  • Creating a sustainable Blue Prism technical environment
  • Other best practices when implementing an RPA solution

Speaker Bios:

Vishal Vaidya – Director of Professional Services

Vishal is a multi-functional professional with extensive experience in Agile Delivery Management, Software Development, and Process Automation. He is responsible for driving successful customer engagements at BIG.

Josh Painter – Blue Prism Consultant

Josh has led implementations of the Blue Prism environment and training of Blue Prism Developers. He is involved in the day to day activities for Blue Prism RPA of planning, designing, estimating, development testing, deployment, and training. He is the Lead Blue Prism Developer for BIG.

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