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Webinar: “How to Manage API Calls Using Salesforce Batch APIs”

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Webinar: “How to Manage API Calls Using Salesforce Batch APIs”

Have you experienced issues with API limitations when handling multiple records in Salesforce? This common problem is addressed next in our BIG Expert webinar series. Join Aaron Wentzell, Bits In Glass’ Director of Professional Services, who will walk us through how to maximize API call limits while dealing with large record sets.

During this webinar you’ll learn about: 

  • Using the MuleSoft Salesforce connector to integrate large amounts of data efficiently
  • Optimizing your batch style integrations and data synchronizations 
  • Effective error handling strategies for bulk API usage 
  • Staying under your Salesforce API rate limits

Speaker Bio:

Aaron Wentzell- Director of Professional Services

Aaron is one of BIG’s MuleSoft Subject Matter Expert and all-around MuleSoft Practice Lead for the last 2 years. Aaron brings over 20 years of expertise in IT Development to BIG and specializes in the design and development of enterprise-level migration, integration, and web-based technologies.

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