BIG’s Appian App Market Webinar: Utilization Review Application

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Appian App Market Webinar: Utilization Review Application Overview

In today’s market with a growing emphasis on Population Health Management and Pay for Performance (P4P), Healthcare Payers must support all types of services requests and reviews (prospective, concurrent, and retrospective) to ensure their members are getting the right level of care while maintaining a high standard.

BIG’s Utilization Review application simplifies Healthcare Payers’ process for receiving referral requests from members and providers that are seeking authorization for medical services outside of the scope of what is provided by their Primary Care Provider. It standardizes the process of documenting the request for services and leverages configurable business logic to determine medical necessity based on the information provided in the request, and designate the appropriate outcome. This ensures that clinical resources are reviewing the right requests in a timely manner.

Join us on November 1st, 2018 starting at 11:45 am (MDT) for a full walkthrough by Jonathan Deiulis, of the Utilization Review application, available now on Appian’s App Market.

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