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Blog: Top 3 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018

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Top 3 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018

By Katherine Clubb, Bits In Glass

  Dreamforce 2018

Over 170,000 people gathered in San Francisco this year for Dreamforce 2018 — thought leaders, industry pioneers and professionals from all industries come together for a week of networking, learning, (great music) and innovation.

Bits In Glass had the privilege of attending and sponsoring this year’s event and came away impressed as a long-time partner and motivated for the future. Here are three of the messages we heard repeated loud and clear:

Theme:  The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Marc Benioff’s keynote set the tone for the conference with the notion that the fourth industrial revolution is already here.  Everyone is connected through technology and similarly, all applications need to be connected to drive true digital transformation — regardless of industry.

360 Degree Views

Benioff saved the announcement of Customer360 for Dreamforce — which really underpinned the week’s theme.  Being able to drive a single view that captures the entire customer (or patient) journey, wherever the data resides, is the key to empowering businesses to make better decisions and better customer experiences and outcomes.  

MuleSoft, an investment for the future

At the core of the 360′ experience, businesses need to connect applications, data, and devices.   The recent acquisition of MuleSoft was palpable here. Particularly MuleSofts API-led approach to tackling integrations through APIs that are managed, secured, and reusable  

Connecting customer record systems (i.e. services, marketing, and commerce), reconciling that data across applications, and then enabling a seamless experience regardless of where data resides was a clear-cut example of where MuleSoft shines (… and further evidence of why Salesforce and MuleSoft are a great marriage of complementary technologies).

Dreamforce 2019

Outside of the conference content, if there was one lesson learned it was to book early next time, particularly if you want to avoid the morning commute.  Dreamforce 2019 will take place in San Francisco on 11/19 to 11/22.  Sign up to be notified when registration opens.  

Bits In Glass Booth Dreamforce 2018

Tim Hale at the Bits In Glass Booth at Dreamforce 2018


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