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Stakeholder Relationship Management App

Effective Stakeholder Management should make it easy for you to stay organized, collect the information you need, and resolve issues proactively.

Let Bits In Glass show you how to work with our user-friendly Stakeholder Relationship Management App, built on the Salesforce platform, that completely removes the need to manage stakeholder information through the use of spreadsheets. Complete contractual obligations pro-actively with our Stakeholder Heat Map and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements without touching another spreadsheet.

Our webinar will show you how to:

  • Store all your information in one place
  • Increase accountability
  • Engage the right people the right way
  • Resolve stakeholder issues quickly
  • Make insightful and informed decisions
  • Work across industries

Register today to learn more about what Bits In Glass and the Stakeholder Relationship Management App can do for you and your organization.

About Bits In Glass

Bits In Glass is an award-winning software consulting firm that helps companies outpace the competition, drive rapid growth, and deliver superior customer value through the use of technology.

Our expert consultants find the most innovative solutions to solve the most complex business challenges across multiple industries and verticals. With hundreds of years of in-house experience, we are the partner of choice for many business transformation projects, working with market leaders who are disrupting and driving transformation across every aspect of modern business.

Find out why leading technology companies partner with Bits In Glass including Appian (Business Process Management), MuleSoft (API-Led Systems Integration), Blue Prism (Robotic Process Automation) and (Customer Relationship Management).

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