Press release: Bits In Glass Releases Seven New Applications on the Appian AppMarket

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Bits In Glass Releases Seven New Applications on the Appian AppMarket

Four of seven are focused on solving healthcare industry challenges

DENVER, Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bits In Glass (BIG), an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, has just released seven new Appian accelerator applications on the Appian AppMarket.

The Appian AppMarket is an online marketplace where Appian and its partners offer a wide range of business and technical applications built on the low-code Appian platform to address various diverse business challenges. These applications, frameworks, and platform extensions help companies accelerate their time to value by shortening development time. Companies configure their customizations, and a completed application can be launched in just a matter of weeks.

“Bits In Glass was named the Appian Regional Partner of the Year in 2017 and 2018. The apps built on Appian’s AppMarket offer tremendous value and we are excited to launch this new set of solutions,” said David Hauser, Partner and Vice President of Finance for Bits In Glass. “More than half of these new accelerators are designed to serve the needs of the healthcare industry. It’s an industry that is incredibly important but can face many challenges when it comes to keeping up with innovation. These kinds of solutions will make it much easier.”

“Bits in Glass has been a great part of the Appian partner community, with a large number of successful rollouts of valuable solutions on the Appian platform,” said Marc Wilson, VP of Global Partnerships and Industries for Appian. “We are excited to have these new accelerators on the Appian AppMarket and believe that the Appian platform is the right technology for building healthcare focused solutions.”

Gartner study reported that there are several market forces affecting healthcare that indicate a shift toward increasing consumer power. Further, greater innovation in therapy, diagnosis, and care delivery is driving higher costs and providers and payers must increase their ability to identify and assimilate innovation and accelerate digital initiatives by demonstrating the business value.

The new Appian AppMarket Apps from Bits In Glass for Healthcare include:

  • Clinical Trials Intake (CTI) Application: Coordinates the intake, regulatory, legal and feasibility considerations of a clinical trial into a simple tracking system (See demo).
  • Home Health Manager Application: Provides a fully-featured management platform with real-time schedule management and home health visit management (See demo).
  • Manage My Care Application: Offers transparency and self-service capabilities for better communication between patients and care providers while providing better insight with data to improve care (See demo).
  • Utilization Review Application: Simplifies the healthcare payers’ process for receiving referral requests to authorize for medical services (See demo).

Other applications include:

  • Move In Move Out Accelerator: Enables property management organizations to effectively manage the move in and move processes while maintaining operational oversight and control (See demo).
  • DocuSign Utility: Brings DocuSign’s industry-leading functionality into any application built on the Appian platform, speeding up development time and enabling quick integration (See demo).
  • CMIS Explorer Utility: Enables users to perform multiple actions on files and folders within Appian itself while working with an external repository (See demo).

Join Bits In Glass at Appian World May 12 – 15th in San Diego.

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