Real-time event-driven architecture


Understand your business in real-time

Event-driven systems help you sense, analyze, and take immediate action on events occurring in and around your business.

Applications built with VANTIQ allow you to analyze how events are occurring and changing throughout your business operations in real-time. Then, your people or machines can collaborate on the most appropriate actions for the biggest impact.

VANTIQ can be distributed in any environment, no matter where your data is coming from, and can handle any scale and volume of data.

Bits In Glass and VANTIQ

With VANTIQ, you can create event-driven applications based on data-streams from any source, such as IoT and mobile devices, existing enterprise systems, and people. These full applications are not simply dashboards – they connect your devices, systems, and people together in real-time.

In partnering with VANTIQ, Bits In Glass brings 15+ years of digital transformation experience helping companies unlock their potential to transform, outpace the competition, drive rapid growth, and deliver superior customer value. 

Our VANTIQ consultancy ensures you’re in the hands of knowledgeable experts, while our pure Agile delivery method gets you the results you need.

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