Pre-built AI machine learning models

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Leverage your data for big returns

For most companies, driving better insights isn’t about getting more data – it’s about doing more with the data they already have. ElectrifAi uses AI (artificial intelligence) to guide companies through this very journey. They help answer essential business questions like how can my organization work more efficiently? Increase productivity? Boost revenue? Reduce risk?

ElectrifAi provides enterprises with the largest library of pre-built machine learning models that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to solve complex business challenges.

From financial services, insurance, and retail to healthcare, education, and more, ElectrifAi fine-tunes its pre-built machine learning models to work with any business system. There’s no pipelines, data engineering, model development, or training to worry about.

Bits In Glass and ElectrifAi

ElectrifAi’s machine learning models have all been used in real business situations for some of the largest companies in the world, solving their most complex challenges. The company doesn’t lock you into a platform; its models are available where you consume software, whether that’s in Appian, Blue Prism, through a MuleSoft API, or otherwise. And if you want to host on your own premises, ElectrifAi also has a platform for that.

In partnering with ElectrifAi, we help companies power up their digital transformation. Our combined expertise and experience ensures you get the results you need to drive rapid growth and outpace the competition.

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