Shift your business into high gear.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires business agility to be competitive – you need to make smart decisions and take quick action to stay ahead of the game. With the rise of digital business transformation, organisations are realising the importance of leveraging technology to make their workflow more efficient, effective and future proof.

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Appian provides one enterprise application platform that delivers innovative business applications, improving decision-making, mobilizing key data and processes, and uniting business and IT – ultimately driving bottom-line performance. Bits In Glass’ experienced consultants understand the intricacies of processes and how they impact your whole organization. We can streamline and automate your processes with Appian, finding cost-effective and innovative solutions that will become transformational assets to your company.

Bits In Glass is honoured to be named “2018 Regional Partner of the Year, Mid-Market” for the second year in a row. BIG has built a reputation of excellence by providing exceptional value for its customers, industry partners and peers. With this prestigious award, Appian recognizes the value that BIG is bringing to the mid-market and its customers. Read more about this award here.

Industry Expertise

Our motivation to be on the leading edge of new technologies, coupled with more than 14 years of experience has placed us at the digital heart of most major industries.


Health Care
Development of patient care portals


Financial Institutions
Regulatory, taxation and back office automation


Energy, Oil and Gas
Asset lifecycle management


Service provisioning and order management

We are experts at determining your needs – we appraise through examination, providing an assessment of your existing Enterprise Architecture, by looking at current, future and transitional states. Then, based on your objectives and needs, a roadmap towards a target maturity level is developed. We help establish the program by providing:

  • A list of architectural principles, standards and artifact templates
  • Enterprise Architecture processes, including governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Provide an innovation lab to help in keeping up with technological advancements
  • Support for the path to your desired maturity by providing our own staff to fill skills, resource gaps and cross-training

We put our Appian know-how into action and are able to maximize its state-of-the-art capabilities quickly, easily and affordably.

The Appian platform allows you to rapidly create easy-to-use, mobile applications that unify all of your processes, data, systems, and apps. When coupled with BIG’s pure Agile Methodology, your business applications launch faster than ever before. You get:

  • Rapid application development platform to create problem-solving apps
  • Drag-and-drop functionality that simplifies the complexities
  • Pre-built accelerators that make embedding complex functions easy
  • Native mobility that makes everything instantly mobile-ready with no additional effort
  • Ease-of-design that makes time-to-launch extra quick

BIG consultants know their stuff and can share that knowledge with you for ease of use.

Modern businesses require mobile applications to get information, share content, take action from anywhere, anytime of the day. Appian constantly pushes the innovative edge to deliver intuitive, responsive enterprise software that is easy to use and available on any mobile device.

Appian’s Tempo user interface works on all the major web browsers and mobile devices, providing a responsive user experience in an intuitive environment that requires little or no training for end users. Our seasoned professionals provide useful tips and training on how to migrate from traditional portal to Tempo, refactoring records, data models, and forms, simplifying your mobile application experience.

Application Maintenance and Support is an integral part of your business that ensures your Appian investment is operating at optimal capacity. Our BIG team has the skills and capabilities to provide you with the very best dedicated maintenance and support services you can access.

Bits In Glass’ Appian Accelerators are unique, pre-built applications that can be set up, customized and launched in a matter of weeks.

Clinical Trials Intake Application

BIG’s Clinical Trials Intake (CTI) application is a complete framework that coordinates the various intake, regulatory, legal and feasibility considerations of a clinical trial into a simple tracking system. BIG has released a Clinical Trials Intake Application on Appian’s App Market. 

Contract and Document Case Management

Contracts and documents can be tedious and time-intensive at the early stages due to numerous revisions and approvals. They become a liability when there is no system in place to manage the processes and expiry and renewal dates need to be kept tracked. The BIG Contract and Document Case Management accelerator gets you up and running quickly, enabling you to simplify your approval processes, increase productivity and improve accountability, all while managing everything in one central location.

Field Asset Management

Nothing can save your business money like BIG enabled technologies.
Your assets are critical to your business. For every minute your assets are non-functional, revenue generated decreases and costs rise. The BIG Field Asset Management helps you limit asset down-time and increases your technicians’ ability to respond and work more quickly and successfully. Increase productivity by connecting mobile devices to work in the field and in the office, all on one platform.

Patient Care Portal

BIG provides customer peace of mind through innovation and technology.
For patients that need to actively manage their health on a day-to-day basis, BIG’s Patient Care Portal allows them to take control of their health, allowing them to evaluate their symptoms and communicate more effectively with their health care providers. Patients can receive advice based on personalized criteria, view lab results and medication, flag topics for discussion with health care professionals through the portal or at an upcoming visit, and more.

Bits In Glass is a center of excellence for leading-edge business process solutions. We provide first-class expertise, best-practices, support and training for the following focus areas.

Dynamic Case Management

Interactions between people, processes, data, and content can be unpredictable. Our Dynamic Case Management solution ensures businesses can easily manage these interactions with Appian Case Management software for better, faster, smarter decisions. All styles of case work can be supported with Appian case management software.

  • Appian Records combine case information, including data and processes, in a single location
  • Fast, simple access to the complete, contextual picture speeds informed decisions
  • Content management streamlines information capture, control, and use
  • Case analytics provide key performance indicators and metrics
  • Case dashboards ease performance monitoring and improvement

Grant Management

Ease of function is the goal and BIG leads the way in the application of smart systems for tomorrow’s user.

BIG’s Grant Management solution combines knowledge of process management, data management, social collaboration, and native mobility to accelerate smart decision-making in the grant management process, while also making it easier and more engaging for grant applicants through Appian BPM.

Through automation, system intelligence, and easy collaboration, the Appian platform can facilitate every step of the grant process, from routing applications to making recommendations, drafting contracts and completing financial transactions.

Appian Systems Integration

Bits In Glass uses the Appian platform to help businesses integrate the diverse elements of their cloud, mobile and social systems to enable operations that are flexible enough to meet the needs of an agile organization. Connect your systems and data sources with Appian to enable the seamless flow of pertinent information so your organization can work more productively and effectively.

We are world-leaders when it comes to integration of operations – and your business benefits from improved outcomes.