Shift your business into high gear.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires business agility to be competitive. You need to make smart decisions and take quick action to stay ahead of the game. With the rise of digital business transformation, companies are realizing the importance of leveraging technology to make their workflows more efficient, effective, and future proof.

Bits In Glass and Appian      Appian Partner of the Year Logo    

Appian’s low-code enterprise application platform empowers companies to deliver innovative business applications in record time that ultimately lead to better bottom-line performance. Bits In Glass’ experienced Appian consultants understand the intricacies of business processes and how they impact your company. We partner with you to identify, streamline, and automate your processes and enable your team for accelerated outcomes that put you in control.

Bits In Glass is honoured to be named Appian’s 2019 Regional Partner of the Year, Mid-Market for the third year in a row! We’ve built a reputation of excellence by providing exceptional value for its customers, industry partners and peers. With this prestigious award, Appian recognizes the value that BIG is bringing to the mid-market and its customers. Read more about this award here.

Industry Expertise

Our motivation to be on the leading edge of new technologies, coupled with more than 14 years of experience has placed us at the digital heart of most major industries.


Health Care
Development of patient care portals


Financial Institutions
Regulatory, taxation and back office automation


Energy, Oil and Gas
Asset lifecycle management


Service provisioning and order management