Physical Distancing Queue (PDQ) Application

Watch the PDQ demo.

Check out the PDQ fact sheet here.

As the world continues to stay informed and adapt in this COVID-19 reality, retail businesses and customers are faced with new challenges. Businesses are looking for ways to adhere to changing regulations, manage the number of people in their stores, and limit the exposure risk for employees.

Customers are looking for ways to stay informed and safe when visiting their local retail businesses. Our Physical Distancing Queue (PDQ) application helps retail businesses manage their physical distancing measures and protect their business, employees, and customers.


  • Provides tool for customers to get in a virtual queue, view wait times, enter the store, and more
  • Sends notifications to customers for all aspects of the queue process
  • Creates unique QR code for customers to present to enter the store
  • Enables mobile forms for customers to complete prior to entering the store


  • Ensure adherence of physical distancing requirements
  • Reduce the risk of exposure for employees and customers
  • Monitor store capacity and customer queue from one central system
  • Limit number of employees required for queue management
  • Help customers stay informed and safe