PegaWorld iNspire 2023

JUNE 11-13, 2023
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The future of tech is here.        Take it for a test drive.

As a Pega specialized partner, we’ve helped clients adopt enterprise platforms for over six years. 

We are the perfect blend of a boutique with global reach, providing personalized attention with the ability to scale. With offices across the world, we can build experienced teams quickly who are certified and know how to work together.

We help businesses unlock the potential of Pega with our BIG Delivery Program which accelerates delivery and enterprise adoption of Pega across both business and IT communities.  

Over 98% of our clients return to us for repeat support for new or expanded projects.

Let us help your business digitally transform and make better decisions, get work done and crush complexity.

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The Recruitment application on the Pega platform manages the entire recruitment process and provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience for recruiters, recruitment managers, and administrators.

Recruiters can create job postings, capture candidate information, schedule interviews, and capture feedback using the app's automated workflow capabilities.

The app also facilitates the Go/No-Go decision-making process and generates offer letters and documents, while providing analytics and reporting to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

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Our Asset Maintenance and Management System manages the maintenance and compliance of assets in various industries. It covers the entire asset maintenance and breakdown process, including physical and virtual assets such as machines, equipment, laptops, desktops, monitors, and software licenses.

The solution provides functionalities for automated and manual fulfillment tasks, skill-based routing, and collaboration through pulse to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance processes. Users can track and manage their assets, schedule preventive maintenance, and streamline workflows to ensure optimal asset functioning.

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Our Employee Wellbeing solution uses Pega's robust capabilities like Integration Services, authentication, and Reporting Solutions. The solution includes an employee health monitoring application that retrieves data from employee devices, processes it, compares health parameters with threshold levels, and sends notifications with suggestions.

The application keeps employees informed about their health and tracks the Top 10 and Bottom 10 employees based on their health parameters. HR can view overall rankings in a chart and take further actions.

Michael hovell


Michael is a Senior System Architect at Bits In Glass with overall responsibility for technical implementation, design, and drive enablement and adoption for BIG’s clients.

His extensive experience with project implementation, which includes driving the design and development of new or existing solutions, help our client’s business objectives. He also works to enable our clients to have best practice principles with development approaches to achieve more successful scalability and overall health of the projects.

Beyond working hours, Michael is an avid explorer spending his free time scuba diving, hiking, white water rafting, and exploring new local cuisine and cultures. He has a goal of diving the seven seas and travelling to as many countries as possible.

Michael BIG Expert

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