BIG’s Appian App Market Webinar: Patient Manage My Care Application

Sara MarshallNovember 15, 2018Event

Appian App Market Webinar: Manage My Care Application Overview

Patients are demanding more transparency and control of their patient information and increasingly want to be able to access this information directly. The Manage My Care application by Bits in Glass leverages emerging norms around self-service that enhance user experience and enable better communication between patients and care providers.

Patients and care teams have better insight into key data and events with instant reminders, event notifications, and alerts that support a proactive approach to requesting information from patients as needed, while simultaneously flagging incidents and key data points for care providers to review and respond to as needed. When combined with the patient specific rules engine, healthcare organizations are enabled to implement individualized health care for all of their patients providing better alignment to the patient’s overall treatment plan.

Join us on November 15th, 2018 starting at 11:15 am (MDT) for a full walkthrough of the Patient Manage My Care application, available now on Appian’s App Market!

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Date: November 15, 2018