Online Insurance Provider Zooms to Market with MuleSoft and BIG API Integration

Carol Sykesaha Insurance & Ignite InsuranceCase Study

aha and Ignite Insurance

aha insurance and its parent company, Ignite Insurance, is Canada’s first full-featured online digital insurance brokerage, and they have big plans! Growing from nothing in the spring of 2016 to offering full-service online home and auto insurance by the fall of 2017 was a huge undertaking — one that wouldn’t have been possible without MuleSoft’s API-led approach combined with some early support from Bits In Glass’s (BIG) team expertise.


aha insurance set out to conquer the world of online insurance in Canada by offering a full self-service portal and to provide an enjoyable customer experience.  Their strategy included removing any barrier to purchase by auto-populating as much information as possible into the quote journey, including driver’s record and vehicle details, other drivers, previous claim information, and more.

Beyond offering a simple quote service, the company seeks to be one of the first of its kind in Canada to offer a self-service portal whereby customers can manage every detail of their policies and have a maximum amount of self-serviceable control over their insurance experience.

aha’s approach is wholly customer centric, and seeks to embody the values: empowered, transparent, consistent and effortless in every aspect of their corporate culture, product architecture, and feature offering.

This challenge called for a bespoke application to be built that integrated a custom broker management system (BMS), a proprietary policy administration system (PAS), a rating platform and integration to several auto and home data service providers to enhance the aha customer experience by enriching the data and making the experience quick and as painless as possible.

Solutions BIG supported:

Original Pain:

The company originally initiated the project with an insurance specific monolithic SaaS policy administration product but found the BMS, print and other integrations were too complex for the system.

MuleSoft with BIG Support:

aha chose the MuleSoft Anypoint platform for its API-lead approach, scalability, reusability, and the ability to service a high-number of integrations in a constantly changing environment. aha runs a lean development team so availability of skilled resources was a factor in the decision along with the need for it to be fully cloud-based.

Key to the selection was the need to get to market quickly and to transition to their own internal development staff so that they could run the system beyond the initiation phases. BIG was chosen as the ideal integration partner to meet the demand for a high level of expertise, speed to market, and to satisfy the enablement criteria.

BIG was brought on to implement MuleSoft and integrate with the aha broker management solution and the project quickly expanded into other application integrations.

“For me, silence is golden. When things are quiet, it means that all systems are running so smoothly no one notices — the ideal situation for any CIO.  At the start of this project, BIG became an extension of my own team. As the project scope grew to include more and more micro-services and applications, they were able to easily adapt and our teams meshed seamlessly. I consider BIG a ‘go-to’ partner and will access their MuleSoft consulting expertise when needed.”

– Rick Turola, CIO | aha insurance

The Results

aha launched in September 2017 to provide their full-service online offering. They have grown to almost 25 staff and the platform is connected by the MuleSoft API-lead application architecture with the expert integration services that BIG helped kick off.

The MuleSoft implementation allowed aha to maintain their development velocity despite having some initial setbacks with the original monolithic application. This allowed aha to deliver closer to their original target dates as well as save time and money. Also, as systems were swapped, the data contracts were preserved with downstream and upstream service providers, allowing the development to move at a faster pace and stemming the cost of policy development on the older platform.

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