Manufacturer Triples Sales Engagement with BIG Customized Salesforce Installation

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About Durabuilt Windows & Doors

Durabuilt Windows & Doors is an industry-leading windows and doors manufacturer, servicing residential and commercial consumers across western Canada. With a sizable distributed sales team across several business units, Durabuilt has multi-channel sales processes that require effective management to keep the company on track to meet its sales targets.

The Challenge

Durabuilt experienced some distinct challenges with their existing sales solution.

MULTICHANNEL NEEDS: The company’s existing solution was unable to accommodate the need for multiple-channel customers, meaning its one-size-fits-all sales tool didn’t fit the workflow needs of all the business units. This resulted in a poor alignment with business processes and low user engagement with the sales team.

MULTIPLE TENDER BUSINESS PROCESSES: Durabuilt competitively bids on projects with other general contractors in the industry, requiring that the company provide a separate quote to each customer contractor overseeing the project. Durabuilt would then track these bids individually, resulting in a sometimes confusing process that involved the management of multiple different quotes for any given project.

FORECASTING: The large forty-person sales team operates across seven business units and the size and complexity of the sales group complicated efforts to develop accurate company forecasting. Coupled with insufficient accurate data, due to low engagement with the sales tool, there was a lack of business insight into the sales pipeline.

TRACKING: Tracking face-to-face visits or activities was optional for the sales team members, resulting in an incomplete understanding of individual sales team member performance and outcomes.

Durabuilt contracted Bits in Glass (BIG) to review its sales processes and implement Salesforce solutions to help increase efficiency across all its sales channels, improve visibility into its sales operations for better reporting and insights, track the customer lifecycle, and monitor sales performance.

The Solution

To address the multi-channel aspects of the company’s buying process, BIG separated business processes within Salesforce into several different channels and built a tendering business process
allowing all the general contractors to be listed in one place for a single opportunity.

BIG also built a business process whereby Durabuilt could house multiple model plans in Salesforce, pull them out as needed, and open individual opportunities.

Using an out-of-the box Salesforce tool, BIG enabled Durabuilt to improve its forecasting, and reconfigure the sales call activity system within Salesforce with a drop-down menu so sales reps could select types of visits, i.e., customer or prospect, customer location, Durabuilt location, etc.

“BIG gave us options to work with and we liked that. We ended up picking about five of the eight things offered on the a’ la carte menu. At the end of the day, we should’ve picked all eight!”
“BIG pushed to interview unit leaders and reps, and the information they provided yielded better results.”

– Jeff Ward, Managing Director Business Development, Durabuilt Windows & Doors

The Results

Salesforce, with a customized integration by BIG, helped make the multi-channel process easy for the Durabuilt sales team, resulting in a threefold improvement in the sales team engagement-since-implementation, an improved alignment with the multi-channel sales process, and streamlining of the tendering system, resulting in effective tracking and reporting.

The company has dramatically improved visibility into the sales pipeline, enabling it to accurately forecast and plan the business cycle. The activity tracking tool reflects how often a sales rep is making face-to-face calls, make notes on their conversations, and sets a task for follow-up. Durabuilt sales staff are engaged and empowered, have better planning and analysis capabilities, and report that they are more effective at managing their opportunities.

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