Bits In Glass Launches IoT – Driven Smart Home Health Platform


Bits In Glass Launches IoT – Driven Smart Home Health Platform

March 5, 2019 (HIT Consultant) — Bits In Glass (BIG), a software consulting firm serving clients across North America is announcing the launch of Manage My Care, a smart home health platform built on Appian. The platform acts as a central portal for health information and supports IoT device integration with off the shelf devices such as blood pressure cuffs.

These integrations allow patients to take physiological readings from home and have the data automatically synced to the platform, giving care providers access to real-time patient data without the need to have the patient visit a clinic.

Manage My Care Overview

Manage My Care provides instant insight into key data and events with alerts that support a proactive approach to requesting information from patients, while simultaneously flagging incidents and key data points for care providers to review and respond to as needed.

Based on the rules that the patient, their doctor or their care team have configured in Manage My Care, the system can trigger additional actions such as email, mobile or Slack alerts, and even activate the patient’s camera so that a physician can remotely view the patient in real time.

“Manage My Care was originally tailored to the needs of a specific medical use case, renal care, but we soon realized that it could support care for a wide range of patient situations that require continuous monitoring of patient vitals,” said David Hauser, Founding Partner and Vice President of Finance for Bits In Glass. “In a nutshell, the platform integrates health care data in a single platform that is accessible by both the patient and care provider, making it possible for a remote care team to gain access to the most up-to-date health data about their patients while also providing the same transparency to the patient.”


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