DocuSign: Simplifying the signature process

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Simplifying the signature process

By John Ponton

In today’s fast-paced world of 24/7 access and communication, it’s imperative to keep business workflows up to speed, especially when it comes to sending important documentation for reviews and sign-offs and then communicating a successful signing event to the right audience. That’s why we built an integrated utility with DocuSign APIs on the Appian platform.

DocuSign’s industry-leading functionality combined with Appian’s proven and trusted BPM platform is an excellent combination to achieve a quick and efficient signature workflow. Using the DocuSign Utility, documents that require a signature can be pulled directly from Appian, the DocuSign platform, or uploaded directly from a desktop or server.

Signatures can be requested from within Appian by generating embedded signing ceremonies or by utilizing DocuSign’s native email functionality. All that is needed to request a signature using the DocuSign Utility is an email address of the signee. Signees can be an internal or external user to the Appian platform and may be an individual or a group of individuals. Once a signature is requested the signee receives an email alert.

In the event a signee is external to the Appian system, the DocuSign Utility notifies Appian that the signing process is complete – triggering new automated workflows and tasks, at any time of day. Alternatively, an internal Appian user can send a task to another Appian user requesting a signature from within an embedded signing ceremony that can be incorporated into any existing workflow to expedite internal processes dependent on approvals and signatures.

The DocuSign utility provides a re-usable integration that speeds development time by giving Appian Designers plug and play functionality, enabling them to quickly and easily integrate DocuSign into applications. Providing a full range of functionality, developers can rely on our DocuSign Utility to handle all aspects of the signing process, from signature requests all the way through to follow up communications.

Check out a demo of our DocuSign application here!

About the author

Born in the Bahamas and raised across the US, John found a love for philosophy and logic before finding his niche in coding. For the past 4 years, John has been an Appian Developer pushing boundaries and innovating new solutions while being a proud father of 2 ducks, Gwynnie, and Ruby.

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