Press release: Bits In Glass to Demo Real-Time Blood Pressure Data Syncing Technology at HIMSS

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Bits In Glass to Demo Real-Time Blood Pressure Data Syncing Technology at HIMSS

In partnership with MuleSoft, Bits In Glass will demonstrate real-time syncing of blood pressure data between medical devices

Bits In Glass (BIG), an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, will demonstrate live at HIMMS how electronic health records (EHRs) can be populated with real-time blood pressure data and automatically alert medical teams of issues, regardless of their location.
The demonstrated use case will be that of a dialysis patient and will show how an application programming interface (API) strategy can provide patients, doctors and care teams with a more complete, 360-degree view of that patient’s health while enabling remote monitoring to remove the requirement of in-person exams to collect patient vitals.
“Based on the rules that the patient, their doctor or their care team have configured, the system can trigger additional actions such as email, mobile or Slack alerts, and even activate the patient’s camera,” said Dave Hauser, Founding Partner and Vice President of Finance for Bits In Glass. “These integrations make it possible for a remote care team to gain access to the most up-to-date health data about their patients, ultimately improving the care that they are able to provide.”
The demo will utilize MuleSoft API connectivity and link IoT various devices to back-office records management systems. Real-time blood pressure data will be collected from the patient using a wifi-enabled blood pressure device. The data will then be fed to EPIC, a health information and EMR system and also to Bits In Glass’ 360-degree patient portal, Manage My Care, built on Appian.
This approach can:
  • Create better patient experiences by enabling them to gain a complete 360-degree picture of their health
  • Reduce the overall cost of care by leveraging APIs which are reusable and also make the system easy for patients to operate
  • Improve the quality of healthcare by automatically syncing data from multiple inputs and automating intelligent alerts
  • Enable patients to remain in-situ while the care team can be in another location
Watch the Demo Live at HIMSS:
When: Tuesday, February 12th 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM.
Where: MuleSoft’s booth #: 1364


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