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Whitepaper: BIG Appian Center of Excellence (COE)

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Establishing a Successful Center of Excellence (COE)

Setting up an effective COE is important to your overall success with Appian and can provide you with a set of foundational supports that enable success in both the long and short-term. By learning from Bits In Glass’s (BIG) experience and knowledge of best practices, BIG can help you maximize the return on investment related to each Appian project that you take on. By implementing an Appian COE you gain reusable and scalable assets and benefits that can be deployed in a variety of important contexts including; planning; architecture, development, project delivery, and operationally.

Why Establish a COE?

Establishment of a COE can be difficult within an organization new to the Appian platform as it relies upon experience. BIG uses experienced Appian professionals to ease this process and recommends adopting a bootstrapping process where key roles, those reliant on a breadth and depth of experience, are initially fulfilled by BIG staff and then these roles are filled by internal staff as the project moves along and more resources become enabled.

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Download the free “BIG Appian Center of Excellence (COE)” whitepaper for more insights into how to set up your Appian COE.

  • Goals of a successful COE
  • Establishing a COE with Bits In Glass
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Key Roles
  • Expected Benefits