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As an Appian developer at BIG, Aaron Emmert strives to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients. He grew up in Superior, Wisconsin, where he is a fan of the Packers, dairy products, and cider. His hobbies include walking the dog, exercising, reading and playing video games.

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Blog: Using Appian effectively

Aaron EmmertAppian, Blog

Using Appian effectively  By Aaron Emmert, Bits In Glass My previous posts talked about the benefits of Appian’s rapid development capabilities and its natural pairing with the agile development methodology. … Read More

Blog: The Low-Code Balance

Aaron EmmertAppian, Blog

The Low-Code Balance By Aaron Emmert, Bits In Glass My previous posts, Agile Methodology: Part one and Part two, explained the benefit of using Appian with the Agile methodology. This … Read More