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MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Bits in Glass Help aha Insurance Overcome Initial Setbacks with Complex Integration, Realize Aggressive Go-to-Market Goals and Provide Exceptional User Experiences.

Bits in Glass (BIG), a cloud-optimization software consultancy, announced today that it has helped aha insurance achieve its goal to be one of Canada’s first fully online insurance brokerages, providing exceptional user experiences to customers. By implementing MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, aha Insurance was able to integrate multiple technology solutions into an application network through API-led connectivity, enabling them to securely self-serve critical data to online customers. This connectivity provides customers better insight into their policies, leading to easier, faster and more informed online insurance experiences.

aha insurance, a subsidiary of Ignite Insurance, services Canadian customers from their headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. Part of Canada’s technology triangle, their services are leading a new era of digital-insurance. More than an innovator in product-delivery, Ignite Services Inc. has over two-centuries of combined industry experience, and its members have spent two decades listening to the changing needs of Ontario’s insurance customers.

aha Insurance Overcomes Adversity by Onboarding Anypoint Platform

To successfully meet the challenge of serving all customer relevant data to the online environment, the project called for a bespoke application to be built that integrated a custom broker management system (BMS), a proprietary policy administration system (PAS), a rating platform, and integration to several auto and home data service providers. The plan was to enhance the aha customer experience by enriching the data and making the experience as quick and as painless as possible. An efficient connectivity strategy was required to meet an aggressive launch schedule and support the custom application.

The company originally initiated the project with an insurance specific monolithic SaaS policy administration product. However, this system became overwhelmed with complexity when trying to connect multiple services, and faltered to the point that a new solution was sought to provide greater stability, flexibility and reusability with a high number of integrations in a constantly changing environment.

Bits in Glass Provides the Right Integration Services at the Right time

BIG was brought on to implement MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and integrate with the aha broker management solution. The project quickly expanded into other micro-services and application integrations enabling aha to support the full API lifecycle in a single platform and further drive efficiency while empowering the company to meet future needs. With MuleSoft’s API-led approach, aha Insurance realized the ability to dexterously integrate new components into an application network, efficiently onboarding new insurance providers and solutions.

The partnership with BIG promised a quick and seamless integration with the aha teams, instantly building capacity. The program BIG implemented enabled the aha team at every step allowing BIG to ramp down easily at the end of the project, leaving aha with the ability to re-engage and get a capability upgrade at any time.

aha was able to move past its earlier setback by bringing on the Anypoint Platform™ with its API-led approach. This pivot ultimately provided huge technical and business benefits by accelerating their time to market, reducing development costs, and giving them a more scalable networking platform that accommodates their future needs.

“For me, silence is golden. When things are quiet, it means that all systems are running so smoothly no one notices — the ideal situation for any CIO. At the start of this project, BIG became an extension of my own team. As the project scope grew to include more and more micro-services and applications, BIG was able to easily adapt as they helped us to implement Anypoint Platform to serve as the foundation for innovation, and our teams meshed seamlessly.” – Rick Turola, CIO | aha insurance

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